Christian Values

As a a ministry of Columbia Heights Assembly, we believe that God is involved in everything we do. That’s why we integrate the Bible and traditional Christian values into the daily experiences of the children in our care.

We teach children to observe the connections between their world and their Creator. By our words and by our actions, we help them begin to understand the relevance that Christianity has to daily life. We nurture, encourage, and build the self-esteem of each child as they begin to develop the potential God has placed within each of them as His unique creation.

It is our goal that each child will develop a personal relationship with God and choose the values of the Christian faith.

We include daily prayer before all meals and snacks, a Bible story, and Bible songs. Preschool and Pre-K students have weekly chapel that consists of a short story and a few songs in the sanctuary of the church. We also discuss the story of Jesus at Christmas time and Easter time explaining the reason for these holidays.

Loving Atmosphere

Kids flourish in a safe environment that encourages active thinking and exploration. We provide an emotionally secure atmosphere in which children are loved and accepted unconditionally. As this fundamental need is met, children feel free to investigate and discover the world around them. We provide opportunities that stimulate each child’s cognitive, physical, and emotional growth.

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